A Necessary Crew

Almes, and how to grab some blasters

in which our heroes don't do ANY COMBAT AT ALL

Finding themselves on Tatooine, the crew tries to figure out what to do about the endless harassment they've suffered at the hands of Trex's friends and allies.

Meanwhile, Almes Ruto has fled her homeworld of Glee Anselm, leaving behind a bemused fiancee, triggering an intense search by her future family in-law.

Contacting an infochant on Tatooine, they are directed to Bothawui, home of one of the galaxy's most proficient slicers, who is in trouble with the dangerous crime syndicate Black Sun! He offers to solve their predicament, if they "liberate" a regular transport of blasters on its way to the Imperial Academy on Carida. In a stolen…. LOANED Imperial shuttle, they manage to easily talk their way past the guards of the transport, obtaining the cargo and returning to the space station before the Imperial shuttle's original crew returns.

As they deliver the cargo, the slicer is threatened by a Black Sun captain and his crew of Weequay thugs, who take the delivery off the crew's hands. The slicer slices into the systems of BOSS, altering the record of the Krayt Fang, making everyone a co-owner of the modified YT-1300.

However, a lucrative bounty contract is looming…


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